Video Production
We believe in the power of storytelling, and video content is the best way to express the philosophy and essence of your brand to your customers.

We are video creators

At GOS4 we are video. We are creators by nature and video production was that great element that made us grow as a marketing agency in Melbourne.

We are video experts, we have more than 10 years of experience as producers, directors and creators. We have seen the industry transform and we are witness to the great growth it has had; Nowadays video content has become an essential part of marketing and thanks to that we can attest to the positive results of creating video content.

We believe in the power of storytelling, and video content is the best way to express the philosophy and essence of your brand to your customers.

We are experts in corporate, promotional, aerial, interview and explanatory videos and much more.

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Why do you need
video content?

How much time do we spend watching videos on our cell phones? The answer may vary from person to person, but generally we spend hours on social media watching random content.

That content years ago, would have been too difficult to create and replicate thanks to the fact that it could only be done in mass media channels such as TV.

Today, we all have the only tool necessary for the creation and consumption of video content, our cell phone. With the democratization of technology, each of us has the power and the possibility of consuming as much content as we want. That is why, your brand needs to be on par with market trends. Video content is the present and future of advertising, and although it is only one of the pieces that moves the marketing mechanism, it is the most important today.

Our creative process

Making video is much more than recording and editing. It is about creating an experience through the eyes of the viewer, telling stories through shots and sequences.

At GOS4 we are experts in telling stories, and we do it through a disciplined process of briefing, storyboarding, location scouting, casting if necessary, scripts and permits.During the production we have professionals in the direction, lighting and photography.

With the latest technology equipment that helps us deliver excellent quality 4K material.Finally, in post production we make the magic happen. With editors, music experts and special effects in charge of giving the final touch.We consider that each of the aspects of the production of a video are essential, that is why we put the best of ourselves to achieve results that make us proud.

Video is where we came from and what we do best. Tell your brands story as we create a range of styles and lengths for the top 5 social platforms.

Pre production

We are truly believers of the power of story telling. Every project at GOS4 involves hand drawing and story boarding process.


At GOS4 we care about quality. And good quality means the right equipment and the perfect team. We are a group of producers, art directors prepared to deliver top rated services.

Post production

Post-production is where the magic happens and we love this final part of the process. Our all in-house post-production service is at the highest quality for not only video editing, but special effects, graphic design and animation.

Integral Video Solutions

  • Promotional or real state aerial videos.

  • Interview and corporate videos

  • 2D character animations

  • Conceptualization and production of advertisements

  • How to videos

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