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Meet the creative team at Gos 4 Media

Meet the Creative Team || GOS4 Media

Meet the misfits who make up the creative team at Gos4 Media, a production company specialising in cinematic campaigns for brands like yours. We bring a fresh and exciting perspective on all things marketing, brand growth, video production, influencers & the rest (read about our services).

Andrew English || Creative Team Gos4

Andrew English

Creative Director & Founder

Creative Director & Founder at Gos4 Media, Andrew is a creative producer with a proven track record of combining creative expression through a business lens.

With a background in filmmaking, he believes storytelling with originality is key to connecting people with the brand on a deeper emotional level. This philosophy allows Andrew to craft brand narratives that engage, excite and disrupt the status-quo and commonly seen.

Ariana Cleo || Creative Team Gos4

Ariana Cleo

Creative & Art Direction

Ariana specialises in female-driven content. You can find her production designing, casting, directing, and producing influencer campaigns.

She has worked in many facets of the industry for over a decade across NYC, LA and Melbourne.

Esteban Villegas || Creative Team Gos4

Esteban Villegas

Graphic Designer

Esteban, an all-in-one design creative, and retired wandering nomad. His experience as a designer and his passion for travel led him a couple of years ago to work with GOS in Australia

From storyboard drawings to complete brand developments, Esteban has what it takes to accompany and develop all kinds of creative projects.

Brenna Watson || Creative Team Gos4

Brenna Watson

Marketing Manager

Brenna brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to the team, with experience working with eCommerce, B2B & startup organisations. Having worked across all facets of marketing, from graphic design and brand builds to events and international advertising campaigns, Brenna has a keen eye for opportunities and an acumen for brand growth, all with a bit of kiwi flare.

Ayres Lo || Creative Team Gos4

Ayres Lo

Video Editor, VFX Artist

With exceptional skills in editing and VFX, Ayres is a true wizard in all things post production. The legend has it he come from a long line of wise and willing samurais, which can be seen in his work.

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