Uninterrupted Video & Design 
to Grow Your Brand

A new offer to ensure your brand stays active and updated between campaigns

Design & Post Production

Subscriptions to Scale

Subscribe to a plan & we'll assign you with an editor or designers. Work with a project manager to establish monthly goals and a schedule.

Receive your video or design within a few business days from your assigned video editor or graphic designer.

We’ll revise the designs until
you’re 100% satisfied.

GOS4 replaces risky freelancers & exepensive in-house employees for one monthly fee.
Continuously delivering top-tier designs and videos that fuel growth.

It’s the consistent brand
growth you needed last year.

The landscape of digital content has undergone a transformation, now marked by its unwavering consistency.
In between campaigns, brands need to continue pushing out digital. Instead of hiring an in-house team or risky freelancers, we'll assign you one of our video editors or graphic designers to deliver ongoing, high-end video edits and design solutions tailored to elevate your brand.

Stay sane - A lifeline for video & design

The digital world is a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping your brand relevant requires ongoing, high-end content. We recognise this shift & offer the services to help you stay in the race, without having to employ graphic designer and editors in-house.

Our team is based in the US & Australia, delivering the highest end of digital design and video production that fuels your brand's continuous success.

Membership Benefits

Commitment to continuous design and video means you’ll never
have to look elsewhere. Seriously.

Trello Board

Add as many video edits & design requests to your board as you’d like.

Fast Delivery

Get your video & designs one at a time in just a few days on average.

Fixed Monthly Rate

Just one monthly fee for a whole lot more work.

High-end Results

Top quality video & designs that move the needle & impress.

Flexible for You

Scale up or down on the fly.
Cancel anytime.

Exclusively Yours

Each video or design is made especially for you with 100% ownership

Serious bandwidth to cover

all your digital needs

These are the core services we cover under our subscription plans.
Short-form video ads
Brand guides
Brand guides
Business cards
Mobile app design
You Tube videos
Social media graphics
Landing page videos
Video Commercials
Website Design
Business Newsletters
Web Banners
Pitch decks
Logos & branding
Video Animation
Motions & Graphics
3D Renders & Video
Visual effects VFX

Subscription Levels

Remaining Subscription Placements Available:
3 Left
Just Socials
15 hours of editing a month, focussed on social media videos
What 's Include:
Average 6-12 videos a month
High-end & engaging
Upto-date styles/trends.
Unlimited AI voice over & stock.
Pause or cancel with 7 days notice
Your own personal video editor for the Highest-End results.
What 's Include:
24 - 72 hours average delivery
Ongoing communication/ aligned with your brand.
Cut, color, VFX, sound mix. AI voice-over, Unlimited stock footage & music.
One project at a time.
Pause or cancel with 7 days notice
Your own personal designer covering everything design.
What 's Include:
Average 48-hour delivery
One project/design request at a time.
Ongoing communication aligned with your brand.
Pause or cancel with 7 days notice
Video + Design
Your own video editing & design team working directly for you.
What 's Include:
One video editor & one graphic designer - Each with one request/project at a time.
Cut, color, VFX, sound mix. AI voice-over, Unlimited stock footage & music.
Unlimited Brands & Users.
Pause or cancel with 7 days notice
Creative agency
Campaigns or a Brand Refresh
Video & still production
Strategy & creative direction
Multiple projects/ 1 creative agency
Have a question?
Book a 15-minute call to learn if we can assist with your brand growth.
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