Social Media Marketing
The crucial, final step in landing success on your ad campaign. We work with paid and organic ads across the top 5 platforms, delivering bi-monthly analytic reports.
facebook marketing

Are you struggling to shine in the overrun Facebook domain? You could be waving frantically at the millions of consumers on there, but they can’t see you through the tangled mess of irrelevant posts on their feed. It’s tiring. It’s time-consuming. It’s time for a change.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is today one of the social networks with the highest growth. At a record 700 million monthly users (up from only last year’s 600 million), it is evident that its rise is not going to stop anytime in the future.

This is such a big platform that everybody uses this, but how do you use Instagram to improve communication effectively? Contact us and let’s create a social media plan that suits for you!

Facebook Marketing

As Facebook is one of the world’s leading social networking sites, company marketing on Facebook has become one of the growing digital networks in terms of new opportunities.


This social media platform provides a range of various paying and organic platforms for marketers to emerge into the vast consumer base of Facebook.


As for every other media channel, brand strategists need to do some stuff to maximise discovery.

Linkedin Posting

When it comes to networking and creating fresh links with clients, buyers and corporate associates, LinkedIn is perhaps the most relevant social media forum. When you want to be a good networker on LinkedIn, getting a strong profile is important and there are several explanations for that.

That’s why, to create an impact on a prospective client, you just have about 10 seconds, so your profile needs to be up to date. Also, your profile will highlight your successes, experience and ways you’ve helped people fix challenges and prosper, and a strong profile will help you gain the relationships you need to develop your brand and career.

Want to know a bit more about Linkedin Marketing? Let’ts talk! Contact us

Youtube Marketing

There’s no better outlet than YouTube if you’re going to break into the video marketing. They are the second most visited website on the whole internet, with more than a billion subscribers, and almost no rivals and people are steadily investing more time viewing more streaming videos digital video advertisement.

And with this influx of customer interest, it’s no wonder businesses are investing in streaming media ads more of their marketing dollars.

But the good thing about youtube is that on streaming you don’t have to drown thousands of dollars in adverts. You will get the attention and views you need to drive user growth through YouTube if you create a reliable channel that keeps bringing out the quality content people want.

TikTok Social Marketing

TikTok marketing strategy is the talk among marketers regarding its successful content-based resources and methodology that ensures substantial brand growth in sponsorship. As social networking software, the app helps its 795 million foreign users to create brief 15-second images, musical dubsmashes and several other things.

Initially introduced as “Douyin” on the Chinese sector, the campaign to target the foreign market was later rebranded as TikTok. This is the fast-trending free software that consistently competes for sales in the apple store in the first three positions. Lip Syncing videos are the unique Tiktok apps that are used by almost every person

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Our approach


At GOS4 we believe Social Media marketing also means taking your customers on mission with you, mission to create the brand that you aspire to become. 

Your brand is not only who you are now but also who you want to be down the road to your
customers, and your customers will actually help you develop your brand and sell it.

Brand marketing is much more than putting your logo everywhere, it is giving personality and character to your brand, giving your customers a reason to fall in love with it.