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Dulux Renovation Range
Transformation made easy

Create buzz for the debut release of Dulux’s Renovation Range. 


How-to videos with impressive results. A big video production project where we went in and transformed a kitchen and bathroom.


4 x 2 minute ‘how to’ videos
4 x 1 minute social media videos
4 x 15 second ad stories
4 x 6 second ads

Video production – Still photography – Post production 

Project Objectives

The goal of this video production was to show the ease and practicity of the new Dulux Renovation Range products to renovate an outdated space into a brand new one at a fraction of the cost.

GOS4 production team worked directly with Dulux to specify all the steps and requirements to achieve incredible results.

Video production in Melbourne

Transformation made easy

Dulux Renovation Range / Cabinet doors

These ads produced in Melbourne shows us how easy it is to renovate kitchen cabinets by following a few simple steps specified in the video.

Dulux Renovation Range / Floor tiles

Renovating floors can be quite an expensive and tedious task. Thanks to the video produced by GOS4 for Dulux we were able to demonstrate to thousands of potential customers on social networks, the internet, and points of sale how simple and cheap a renovation can be by following a few simple steps.

Dulux Renovation Range / Benchtops

For the third and final installment of this video production in Melbourne for the Dulux Renovation Range, we demonstrated how to transform an old kitchen into a completely modern and new one at a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation.

These video ads and stills were produced by GOS4 and distributed by Dulux on its social networks, websites, and YouTube.

Dulux Renovation Range / Transformation made easy

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