Creativity is our business

If you’re in business, you’re in the business of graphic design. Our creative team has the skills and wit to express your message onto print, digital, web design, branding, or packaging.

Graphic Design &

If video is the ‘right hand’ to a campaign, then Graphic design is the left.

All of us at some point need the services of a graphic designer, be it for the initial design of your logo, all the way to your 6 part carousel ad on Facebook and Instagram.

At GOS4 we have our Melbourne based graphic design & branding team (the same team that works on your video) that works alongside our In-house graphic design team and branding specialists to bring you magic images that don’t move.

Our team is capable of creating campaigns that last with a brand over time, like ‘John West using only the best’ did.

Be it print, an ad on a bus stop, or an IG paid post, still ads can bring a feeling that awakens something in your customers to the potential of your product or service.

So when you think of GOS4, don’t just pin us on the ‘video’ corkboard, because we have you covered on the still ads/graphic design front. All in one big ass box.

Digital and
print advertisement

Very often our clients ask us: should we invest in digital or printed content? Our answer is always the same: What is your objective?

Each brand or company has different needs and priorities. Your clients define those needs. Are you targeting the type of client that spends most of their day online? Or are you targeting the traditional customer who enjoys reading magazines or newspapers…

Each campaign is different and requires media that is consistent with its objective. What kind of impact are you willing to make?

Some of the print media we have worked for are: magazine ads, banner ads, car wrap stickers, flyers, brochures and much more. On the digital side, we have developed campaigns focused on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and, more recently, TikTok.

At GOS4 we advise you comprehensively with your advertising campaign, not only designing and making it attractive but also giving it the media focus it needs to be effective.

We specialise in harnessing the power of digital media through campaigns, from ideation to media distribution, building your brand awareness.

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