Despite tough conditions, the ES6 prevails.
Demonstrate that ES6 prevails in various harsh Australian environments. 


Our Melbourne based production company GOS4 travelled towards the centre of Australia, where conditions get are tough. Using a mix of aerial and ground cinematography, we captured the ES6’s journey from the desert into Melbourne. 


2 x video awareness ads 

4 x 15 second ads

2 x billboard

2 x print/media  

Video production – Still photography – Graphic design – Post production 

NIO’s Heat test

NIO is one of the largest and most successful electric car companies in the world. The GOS4 visual production team documented one of the toughest tests that can be done on an electric vehicle on earth.

Prior to the release of NIO’s all-electric ES6 & ES8, we ventured through some of the hottest climates in outback Australia with NIO engineers to push the car to the limits.

Project objectives

NIO’s engineering team traveled from China to Australia with the goal of testing their vehicles in the extremely high temperatures of the Australian outback.

For this video production, the team traveled in the electric cars to Mildura Victoria, to test the electric motors and batteries at temperatures above 40°C


To achieve these incredible frames the team performed aerial videos and high-speed shots, complemented with animations to demonstrate the capabilities of the electric vehicle.

NIO ES6 Heat Test

The GOS4 production performed aerial shots and high-speed shots, complemented by animations to demonstrate the capabilities of the electric vehicle.


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