About Us

Combining exceptional filmmaking, post-production, graphic design, still photography & on-point vision to create content that makes a splash.

We specialize in harnessing campaigns through all the social noise, working with you to build your brand’s awareness and identity.

There is of course a story behind the GOS, but let’s save it for when we meet in person.

Our creative approach

GOS4 is Creative Agency that specialises in Video, still photography, and design:
Short Form, Long Form, Social Media, Commercial, Branded Content, & Marketing Strategy.

Creative, digital & post-production.

We believe in the power of storytelling, and video content is the best way to express the philosophy and essence of your brand to your customers.
Still, photography comes hand in hand with video & we like to bring the two elements together in one production.

graphic design, catalog design melbourne

All in one production company with agency edge

It’s a one-stop shop here at Gos4. Video production, still photography, graphic design, print, and influencer marketing. Makes for a more effective campaign and saves on your budget.

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