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You may not know, but we offer more than cinematic video production. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, meaning we can provide a wide range of marketing services, including; graphic design, web development, campaign production, influencer marketing, & more. Read about all our services here.

The guys and gals at Gos believe in the power of storytelling, and video content is the best way to express the philosophy and essence of the brand to your customers. However, it’s also vital (and economical) to maximise production and create content for every scenario. 

Gos4 Media’s 3 Ways to maximise your next production

1. Utilise the before, with a peak at the planning. 

While working on many productions, we’ve learnt that audiences and customers love to see the how and the why. Introduce your audience to the development, storyboarding, campaign ideation with dedicated social media content. 

Pro Tip: Quick Instagram Reels & Tiktoks are a great way to share this content; use a professional video editor for high-quality edits of your mobile phone content.

2. Utilise the during, with a behind the scenes vlog. 

Capture behind the scenes of the production with a second shooter (or someone good with a mobile) to create content that tells the story. Show the lights & camera being set-up, the cast getting ready and show a few of the shots once actions called, a great moment is the laughs between scenes. BTS vlogs showcase your brand in an authentic setting. We see time and time again how valuable this content is when it comes to engaging with audiences. 

Pro Tip: To utilise the video for corporate promotion, interview the creatives and explore your ‘why’. These videos work well on platforms like LinkedIn and are a great addition to your annual report or next board meeting.

3. Utilise the work and ensure you plan for the video to be cut multiple ways.

A good production company will help you and ensure you produce multiple video edits from one shoot. A great production company will develop innovative content ideas to maximise your production value. 

Pro Tip: Create short clips from a longer video, play with the music to create different styles and energy, or perhaps create a short video for your website banner. 

Quality storytelling that outlasts the campaign. From ideation to an end-to-end campaign, Gos 4 Media are experts in making noise for your brand. Whether you want to drive traffic to your eCommerce platform or create brand recognition in a saturated industry, we can help.

James King at 8:39 am, January 25, 2022 - Reply

Straight up, good advice. BTS is usually more engaging than the ad itself.

admin at 8:42 pm, January 26, 2022 - Reply

It is, James! Thanks for taking the time to read.