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We wanted to let you know that we’ve been quietly creating the past few months and we were recently let loose on this holiday campaign for the international jewellery brand Lovisa. It turned out pretty cool and we thought of a good pun, so couldn’t;t help ourselves but share it. 

Lovisa came to us with the task, ‘holiday celebration’ and we delivered a vibrant campaign with cinematic storytelling and mix-media content. 

Hope your December is swell, 

Gos4 Team! 

Lovisa recruited Gos4 to create a video lead cinematic campaign for the holidays. 

The storyline, we’ve got it.
Creative & production, we’ve got it.
Models, influencers & socials, we’ve got it.
Direction and execution, we’ve got it.
Editing, we’ve got it.

You get the picture crew, enthusiasm & equipment; we’ve got it.