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Aren’t we constantly moving with the social media trends, endeavoring to land that ad onto the screen of our potential consumers?

At the moment, your average person has an account on more than 8 different platforms with nearly half the world’s population now on social media.

91% of those users see your ads on their phone screens and engagement with brands on IG is 10 times higher than Facebook…Oh, and btw, Tik Tok has been downloaded 1.5 billion times!

If you’re still wondering what platforms to market your business or brand, maybe close this and jump onto TikTok for a quick giggle and targeted ad every 3rd clip. You’ll probably end up forgetting what you were reading in the first place.. who reads these days anyway?

I don’t think the question is where to advertise, but how. There has never been more of a ‘battle of the brands’ to be creative.. and it’s not that big-budget, once-a-year creative TVC campaign that takes the cake anymore. It’s the 6-second creative digital marketing ads popping up while viewers are swiping stories at the traffic lights.

As much as we all hate it, consistency is still key at the moment. This means one campaign with a plentiful range of creative deliverables, including video, stills, graphic design, behind the scenes, animation, influencer posts, digital marketing, and the list goes on.

Now don’t be intimidated by all these deliverables, they come in separate folders and are clearly labeled. The key is to have them all coming from one production, therefore saving $ and consistent on the look and feel.

Despite the current situation of digital advertising, a lot of brands are late to the party, many agencies too! The good news is it’s easy to make the jump and even easier to review the results of your ad or post, paid or organic.

If you’re considering a new campaign for your brand or business, get in touch.

Andrew – Creative producer with Gos4