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Since COVID went and smacked most businesses in the mouth, while knocking out a few others, many of us are rapidly trying to figure out how to somehow progress through this COVID era.

The answer for a lot of businesses is straightforward: ‘Re Branding, but not necessarily the way you think. Us content creators at Gos4 call it a ‘soft rebrand’.

Whether you’re updating your services, or modify the way you work with your clients, they need to know about your changes. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new logo and design, but maybe some sort of campaign that lets your clients and audience know you are up to date. 

To help you start moving on this, ask yourself these 5 ‘soft rebrand’ questions. 

What’s your new message and/or services?  

  • Who’s your target audience now?
  • How can you simplify your brand identity?
  • How can your potential clients discover you exist?
  • How could you increase brand awareness

From here, I’m tempted to go into detail about how we’d do a soft rebrand and then produce an ad campaign, but let’s save those details for the first consultation ai? 

When looking into a soft rebrand, it’s important to remember that it does not have to be a painfully long and expensive experience, quite the opposite actually. With a clear vision and a good team mix of designers and producers, you’ll be equipped for a soft rebrand that smacks this new COVID era back. 

Andrew English 

Creative producer at GOS4.